Manzanita Lamp with Handmade Paper Lampshades 10

Manzanita Lamp with Handmade Paper Lampshades 10


This lamp, along with its handmade paper lampshades, is a truly unique piece that will look stunning on a console table. The lamp is made of Manzanita, which is a shrub or a tree present in the chaparral biome of Western North America. It is characterized by smooth, orange or red bark and stiff twisting branches. These characteristics are what make Manzanita a fun and challenging wood to work with. From choosing the pieces that work well together to the hand sanding that is needed in order to bring the grey areas of the branches to life. The end result is worth all the time spent.

  • Dimensions: 54"l x 22"w x "h

  • Weight: lbs.

  • Materials: Manzanita Wood, Handmade Paper Lampshades

  • Product number: Manzanita Lamp 10

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