SOLD-Winged Birch Hollow Frame with Mirror 121

SOLD-Winged Birch Hollow Frame with Mirror 121


The word birch is thought to have derived from the Sanskrit word bhurga, meaning a 'tree whose bark is used to write upon. Called the “White Lady of the Woods,” Birch is a tree of great strength and beauty. As one of the first plants to sprout new leaves in the spring, Birch has long been associated with renewal, it is also symbolic of stability and structure.

This frame is from an ancient Birch tree, that had to be cut down, in the town of Viroqua, WI. We were fortunate to be driving by as it was being cut down. We were able to save a few of the hollows from where branches had broken off. Each hollow is truly unique and it is a pleasure to give them new life as a beautiful, functional piece to be brought into your home.

  • Dimensions: w” x h” x d”

  • Weight: lbs

  • Materials: Birch Hollow, 1/8” hand-cut mirror, 3/16” plywood backing

  • Product Number: Birch Hollow 121

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