Sculpted Red Cedar Hollow Frame with Mirror

Sculpted Red Cedar Hollow Frame with Mirror


The heartwood of Red Cedar, technically a Juniper, is absolutely beautiful and the wood in this frame has some striking hues of purple, dark red and golden yellow with the occasional knot to bring in a subtle rustic element. All in all, a beautiful package with the wood and the mirror complimenting one another. 
This mirror would make a great addition to your living room, bedroom, powder room, or foyer. The natural tone also works well in a bathroom or over the fireplace mantle. You could also consider obtaining 2 or 3 to create a repeating design theme - especially if you have a large space you are working with.

  • Dimensions: h”xw”xd”

  • Weight": lbs.

  • Materials: Red Cedar, 1/8” hand-cut mirror, 3/16” plywood backing

  • Product Number: Red Cedar

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