Through the decades of working with natural woods and barks, our emphasis has always been on the quality of our pieces rather than the quantity we can create.

To that end, we take extra measures to insure that quality.

For instance, while peeling the bark off the hollow logs, we sometimes find beetle larvae living and growing in the sapwood. At some point, these larvae will metamorphose into an adult beetle, chew their way out and escape into the environment. Most people would not appreciate this unwanted guest in their home or want to take the risk of introducing an invasive species into a new environment. To remedy this we built a kiln for thermal treatment of the wood. After placing the wood in the kiln, we then heat it to a specific temperature. This temperature is maintained over an extended period of time, which kills insects at all stages of life, without introducing harmful chemicals, and eliminates any of the aforementioned problems.

You will also see, on the back of the frame, there is a multi-faceted, recessed 1/8” plywood backing that is flush with the frame. We do this, as opposed to a paper backing, as it better protects the mirror and gives a long-term solution to the care of the piece.

We seal each piece with two to three coats of a high quality oil-based urethane. We have chosen an oil-based urethane because we have found that it is more durable and it draws out the natural colors and textures of the wood better than a water-based urethane.

We believe that you will find our products to be built with the utmost of quality and beauty in mind.