Walnut Slab Coffee Table with Copper Inlay 01

Walnut Slab Coffee Table with Copper Inlay 01


This richly-colored, mirror-image, Walnut slab coffee table is unique in design, as it is made using the portion of the tree where the branches split off of the main trunk. The slabs are taken from the center cut of the tree which creates an unusual feather design in the grain just below the fork of the trunk. You may catch a subtle shimmer when light is cast upon this table, as areas with natural checking have been filled with copper filings inlay.

There is yet another unique feature in this table. See if you can find it hidden in the close-up image of the table. Hint: A squirrel may have stashed this away for a winter's meal.

  • Dimensions: 76-1/2"l x 31"w x 18-1/2"h

  • Materials: Walnut slab, Copper inlay, Custom Glass

  • Product Number - Walnut Table 01

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