Poplar Bark End Table with Woodland Diorama 03

Poplar Bark End Table with Woodland Diorama 03


Bring nature and some of it’s wonderful treasures into your home with this unique Woodland Diorama Table. Poplar Bark is not only an incredibly sturdy base for this table, the colors and textures of the inside of the bark resemble leather and make a beautiful backdrop for the diorama within.

Small lights have been installed under two of the bracket fungus and are controlled remotely to light up the forest floor scene at night. All the woodland treasures within have been preserved to maintain vibrancy of color and suppleness. The upper rim of the Poplar Bark is trimmed with Willow and stitched with the inner bark of Hickory. The whole piece is finished off with a custom piece of glass that gracefully follows the curves formed by the buttress of the tree.

  • Measurements: “l x “w x “h

  • Materials: Poplar Bark, Treasures from Nature, Custom Glass

  • Poplar Table 03

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